After my daughter was dropped off yesterday we went into town and did some shopping. I really wanted us to find a nice dress for her birthday but we didn’t come across anything so perhaps next week we could try another shopping complex. I’m very excited for her birthday to have the family all together in celebration just for her. N’s mother and brother are also coming too which I’m very happy about! 

N stayed at mine last night. I gave him a nice big sensual massage which he definitely deserved after all the massages he’s given me! Although this morning I woke up with my period so I think it’s safe to say that it’s my go next! I wish we’d had sex last night now because now we will have to wait a few days :-P

I’m so happy my period is here actually.. We’ve had sex a few times without a condom. He has only come inside me once. Which I then continued on to the doctor for the morning after pill. But still, he seems to ‘leak’ quite a bit of sperm and I’d say I’m pretty fertile though I don’t know about him. So during this period, I will most likely soldier on to the doctors and start the pill. I’m just worried about the pill because I know as a teenager it made me SUPER bipolar or something! I’m also worried about contorting my bodies natural flow. But then again, it might be a good thing and help even me out. My skin lady told me I should try the pill for my pimples. Which by the way.. Are looking fantastic. Well, not the pimples, but my skin! That chemical peel seems to have done wonders! I will surely be a return customer. Next I’d like to get some of that acne laser treatment done. I think there’s also one for wrinkles and scarring? I’d love to do something with my forehead. It’s got a few lines across it that I’d like made invisible!

My brothers girlfriend has inspired me to go on a health kick. I want to record everything I eat, what exercise I do and how I’m feeling and looking about it. I might start that soon. I just wish I could join up for gym. I have to wait till I move to my new place next year first so that I can choose the closest one. I think I’d prefer to go to a women’s only gym too. I always feel much more comfortable.

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